This is my monsoon of reason
Where truth grinds her teeth
Shredding my carefully preserved
Tinsel tainted illusion.

It is the season of downpour
Where tears are merely
Dusted away to make space
For the unblinking logic
Of muddy brown common sense.

My time for melodrama is over
The audience has left
And as I take off my make-up
And collect a paycheck
The clown in me
Stifles a giggle.

There are no words to describe
A sorrow that has run dry
Like happiness, you crave for it
That one spoilt cherry
In a bowl of pits.

I will learn now if not to be happy
To be not unhappy
And in this quiet paucity of feeling
Slivers of peace will be unearthed
Silent bits of moonshine
Glowing unreal in the blackness of the dark.

When the weather changes again
The dampness of my soul will not dry
But it is the monsoon of reason
And I will finally understand
Why there can be no raincoats
When the clouds are in your heart.



The morning

Swirls into the day

Where anything can happen.

A stranger may suddenly

Think I am the answer.

A passing car will stop

Out will leap my guardian angel

And quickly dust the cobwebs

From the corners of my soul.

An artist will ask me out for lunch

Over delicious mouthfuls

Reveal where the muse hides.

The sinking sun will gift wrap

An evening of happiness

Shining with laughter.

And finally before my head

Hits the pillow

My toothpaste will brush in a smile

A precursor to dreams

Comforting cocoons of shut-eyed bliss.

But nothing will happen, will it?


How do you look for something?

Do you find it in the eye of the sky?
Taste it in a word gone sour?
Sense it in the bus you missed?
Feel it in the underbelly of lust?

Do you weed it out of a worried forehead?
Steal it from a raw gut?
Trace it to the depth of terror?
Lift it from a lost laugh?

Or should you simply pause?
That stillness of the wise
For then what you look for
Will come looking for you.

Smelling your silence
Shadowing your sorrow
Following your yearning
Stalking your desire.


I’m a starfish
I’ve five sides to me
Tickle me with a feather
And I’ll curl up
Into a tight ball of fist.

I’m a caterpillar
Take a twig
And squitch my
I’ll ooze a little
Just to show
I’m made of flesh
Not bone.

I’m a firefly
Quick, turn off the lights
Watch me sparkle and spin
Like fairy dust
Then catch me
Pull of my wings
And I’ll still glitter
For all that magic
Is held in my bum.

I’m an orangutan
Make a monkey face at me
And I’ll spit
A globule of drippy saliva
That will streak down
Your smooth startled cheek
And hoot,
That’s my face
You stupid clown.


I saw you walk in
The smile on your face
Leaking bits of your heart
Staining your impeccably pressed
Trousers, you always thought
A good iron was enough
Didn’t you?

All that laughter spilling
Whiskey carefully poured
Ice cubes that fell heavy
And with every sip
Little shards of glitter
Pierced and shred
Bit by bit
Your attempt at

You got the jokes
Had a viewpoint
Relearnt to flirt
Circulated, danced
Chewed with relish
While all the time
That bit of you lay
Dying, waiting
For the aloneness of
Your company.

Don’t worry, nobody knows
They haven’t been there yet
You’re just another toy
That beautiful evening
Who fills the boredom
Completes the conversation
Kills time, so that on Monday
There’s always an answer
For what they did
On Saturday night.

When I saw parts of you
Melting and falling off
Blending with the carpets
In the soft light of the lamps
I wanted to walk over
Hold up your shedding pieces
And say
It’s okay, tell me
I already know
All your secrets

Sorry For Being Away

They say

Dreams come true
Good things happen to good people
Be nice and the world will be nice
Bad people get punished
Hardwork will be rewarded
Talent always gets its due
Failure is just one step away from success
Tears are followed smiles

Please introduce me to ‘they’ for I’d like to give it one swift kick, up its bleedin’ lying ass.