An Autumn Pancake

Crusting bits slightly stale
Who ate you not, what’s your tale?
When first you sizzled on a fire
Did million mouths whet your desire?

Flopping flat, shyly fractured
Clumsy wrist, flicks untutored
Left a corner, half a smile
Drowned in water, without guile.

Do you remember it of yours
Wedged behind molar doors?
Someday his tongue will spear bit out
Jangling nerves, pain without doubt.

Your smelly insides lured her nails
She tore you off, kindness fails
A stolen you, a quiet nobody
Tooth on teeth, grind-out greedy.

You beg on mute, cut-me please
Away he pushes, he’s a tease
For all that you want you must wait
A shattered life, an empty plate.



Last year,

You may not believe it
Was the year of silence.

I killed screaming sorrow
Buried questions that burnt flesh
Suffocated eyes that begged for a savior
And stifled self pity before it mingled in my smell.

I learnt to go deaf
To what sounded like reason
And ignored the tick tocking of a clock
That was trying to go backwards.
Without flinching at empty embraces
I packed its bag and hugged it goodbye.

There is no grand story here
But there is an end
Which tiptoed into my heart
And sprawled into my smile.

Now there is no regret
Or anger. Or hate. Or grief.
There is just a year gone by
And sometimes
I am so grateful for just that.