Don’t give your love
To clumsy, fumbling fools
For, while they break your heart
They’ll break theirs too.



Headlights that smell of rain
Heading away, at least from here
This is not the reality test I missed or gave
It’s the one I tripped over.

My suitcase lies still packed
Begging to be knighted with a low-voiced cliché
It hints, think journeys, baggage, escape artist
A swift kick and the handle yowls across the floor.

Every day, I look at the skyline that has changed
And remind myself, no matter what
This skyline can change again
By will, by force, by accident, by hate, by love, by whim.

When the road doesn’t stop, why should I?


There have been fireflies in my head
Lights that come on suddenly
When there’s absolute darkness,
Blinking in my blood.
Some of them die gory deaths
For when you drown in blood
It’s the colour that kills you
Not the calm rushing around
Of liquid doing its daily business.
Sometimes a dead fly lights-up
As if suddenly remembering its life
That’s when my blood turns to gold
And death looks on enviously
At all she can steal.


Hello World.

I have made my uneasy peace with you
Right now, when everything is in the shape
Of jelly that slipped from clutching hands
Spilt in scattered, forever-shaking globules

It is still not a happy one
That has the beatific, stupid smile
Of a stoned low-waist user
Who thinks his underwear peeping
Is a glimpse of god

This peace, hangs within me,
Unsure of trusting itself
Tentative about its lifespan
Terrified of disappearing all together
Dragging along, whatever is left of survival

This is not a lament of pain, world
That, we have gone through lifetimes ago
This is a warning, telling you,
I’’ve made my peace.

Now, don’t fuck it up.