An Evening In Domesticity

Sticks and tongues, barbs and stones
Pierce bubble, pierce happiness, pierce pain
Stop. Tape the mouth
Shut off the engine
One more word, I die.

I wander off
You wander in
Chew-up dropped words
Burp. Burp. Boom.
Nothing ends, nothing begins.

That of yours eats my ear
Tunnelling towards my heart
Throw away the torch
Careless. Silly. Man.
Go home to me now.


Not a Social Butterfly

It is tiring to be nice
After I smile at
Every she and he
At all the hims and hers
Murmur, nods about their life
Errs and Hmms
I go back home
Scowl at the walls
Stick out my tongue at the plant
And say fuck off to every single shoe
On the shoe rack.