On Your 37th

Happy birthday. I wish you happiness. True and real. Wherever you find it.


13th October

Happy Birthday. I remembered. I always do. You used to boast about it to the other miserable souls who forgot, while I would maniacally flash my, ‘I never forget’ grin. Once, I made my friends walk for an hour braving the bitter cold with a single torch, while we were camping in Leh, to get to a phone line. Happy birthday, I hollered over a connection that was wheezing with static. Where are you? In Leh, but don’t tell my parents. (I had told them I was in Simla, a white lie to soothe the black thoughts of overprotective parents). I won’t you promised and you didn’t. You always kept my secrets.

It feels unreal to think that today, I can’t call you, no matter how much I try. For those who have passed on, people wish them a rest in peace. I won’t do that, I know you’ll hate it and find peace incredibly boring. I wish you a rest that’s bursting with happiness, where your sparkling wit paints dazzling pictures again, where the colours you loved wrap around you like a rainbow quilt, where your deep kindness for random strangers, mind-numbing seven times removed relatives and inquisitive aunties spills over and where your love shines on for the people you loved the most – we – your family. Happy Birthday chechi.