Who Remembers A Rhinoceros?

I change into a rhino
Thick skinned, single horned


In love, in control

He will take you in his hands
Fashion you the way he wants
Pluck out your freedom feathers
Truss you in a soup of love.

He will claim it’s love, sing it’s love
Till you are deaf to your soul’s longing
Look into the mirror
Smile, all you see is him.

The leash of love wraps slow
The hold of this choke is gentle
When you die, you may even call life content
He said he’d make you happy, didn’t he?

The Homemaker

Crow 1

The Blackness pecks, claws, tears
Intent on destruction to rebuild
Brown, frail, passive tendrils, twist, shake, shudder
On the unbending blackness they are flung
Ripping things apart when there is no one to scream
Is a different pleasure.

People often pass him, on scooters or legs
He flies off, this carnage can only happen
When there are no eyes to see
He doesn’t spot me peering
Or perhaps he does
I am harmless, unimportant, invisible.

His mate of unblinking beady eyes, stares by the side
Is he man enough to build?
She asks the eggs that will drop from her
When they hatch, she will feed them with her blood,
He will sit away, watch small things steal the home he built
And the one who holds his heart.

A Love Poem For No One In Particular

I have cried so many tears for you
Unseen, of course
Stalking on social media
Stepping into your life
Without being there.

We almost had it good
You screwed up, or did I?
This is not a blame game
Just a slow saw of sorrow
Shredding without blood being shed.

I asked you once
A crystal clear message hanging in the sky
You didn’t understand how I had to move on
Before you drowned me in an endless search
Looking for you in everyone I meet.

I don’t understand either
That’s why on some days, I cry
My tears clogging the heart
My blood filling up with your name
I want to vomit you out, from all of me.

An Evening In Domesticity

Sticks and tongues, barbs and stones
Pierce bubble, pierce happiness, pierce pain
Stop. Tape the mouth
Shut off the engine
One more word, I die.

I wander off
You wander in
Chew-up dropped words
Burp. Burp. Boom.
Nothing ends, nothing begins.

That of yours eats my ear
Tunnelling towards my heart
Throw away the torch
Careless. Silly. Man.
Go home to me now.

The Strangeness of Happiness

I am remembering faces in this city
I don’t know their smiles, their names, their hunger
Just their busy-ness, their laughter, their isolation
Seems like a familiar land, a topography of smells and feelings
It’s not all bad and not all are wretched
It’s just that there is a colour to an urban rat
And my skin is feeling like the odd man
Happy, after ages and ages of not
My new rainbow feels self conscious
Like a clown’s nose amidst bankers.