Cat & Box, Box & Cat



Cat in box

Cat from box

Cat with box

Cat upon box

Cat for box

Cat by box

Cat into box

Cat at box

Cat against box

Cat over box

Cat beside box

Cat off box

Cat beyond box

Cat since box

Cat but box

Box in cat


I like to be heartbroken

I like to be heartbroken
I like to chase my grey gilded shadow
Across vast plains of bleakness
Emptying me out in a perfect hollow.

I like to listen to my sadness
Tearing my insides into carefully calculated strips
Each square, a shuddering, quivering mass
Tattooed with a single name, over and over again.

When it’s all over and nothing can begin
I will begin to love again
My wails will wait backstage, star struck sorrow
Like pallbearers, who will come only when called.