The Homemaker

Crow 1

The Blackness pecks, claws, tears
Intent on destruction to rebuild
Brown, frail, passive tendrils, twist, shake, shudder
On the unbending blackness they are flung
Ripping things apart when there is no one to scream
Is a different pleasure.

People often pass him, on scooters or legs
He flies off, this carnage can only happen
When there are no eyes to see
He doesn’t spot me peering
Or perhaps he does
I am harmless, unimportant, invisible.

His mate of unblinking beady eyes, stares by the side
Is he man enough to build?
She asks the eggs that will drop from her
When they hatch, she will feed them with her blood,
He will sit away, watch small things steal the home he built
And the one who holds his heart.


Come In


His love flooded the keyhole
Dropped to the floor
Lurked through the rooms
Settled into her eyes.

She twisted, moaned, barred her teeth
Bruised her battered heart
Love lay in her tongue, coiled
A black, oily cobra stirring to strike.

It whorled on her stomach
Forking into darkness
Slurping, gulping, spitting
A vicious threading saliva lathers her skin.

She slinks around well oiled
Her happiness carries his name
The slow addiction of poison sets in
It’s a matter of time before she opens the door.